Cookies and Policy


Once you visit our website, we can store the data on our computer. These files hold data on how you use the̥ website, including login credentials, preferences, and settings.


This means that once you login to the website, its storage data includes login details. We give a code for verification, and once you login, our Cookies will store your information. You do not need to login to the account repeatedly; it will login constantly.

Preferential Route

Cookies have to store the cookie for the customer preference; it stores the customer's font,size,style, colour, and other customization options that are used on the website. These cookies are stored on the website, which helps the customer use the website without modification each time.


This cookie is used to track the customer interaction with the website, what product they mostly search for, what kind of product, etc, and then we automatically list the items related to the customer search, which helps to increase the site's performance and usability.


To deliver customised ads based on user interests and preferences, advertising networks frequently track user browsing behaviour through cookies. This improves the effectiveness with which marketers may reach their target demographic and raises the relevance of the advertisements that consumers see. Cookies policy are now a days important and it use to analysis the customers performs and come to known about the needs by tracking.Our website gets permission from the customer to allow cookies on our website; once they accept, we provide our cookies policy.

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