Cloud payroll software


Cloud payroll software is used to manage the workers salary history,employee hike and increment,tax compliment,time and attendance,automatic gratuity settlement, security,security and data production. Cloud payroll software mostly carries the workers details and manages their taxes and increments.

Salary history

This process has the full details of the workers: when they join, how many days they get their leave, time management, and working capacity. It also has previous salary and tracking the employee salary revision history and destination changes. It also keeps employee information.

Employee hike and increment

We attract and reward the work and efforts of the employee by giving them the right rewards. It helps satisfy their hard work. It also depends on the year of joining and how the employee actively works, as well as the date when the hike will reflect on their payslips.


Time and attendance

Integration to track the timing of the work automatically enters the date and timing. It was the main thing in the cloud payroll. It helps to track the employee's dedication during hike time; it plays a major role. Deductions for employee contributions to benefit programs and employer contributions, where applicable

Automatic gratuity settlement

We provide the rewards for the employee who works many years in our office. With the auto-generated gratuity calculation, we offer the rewards immediately when they leave the company.

Security and data production

Secure login mechanisms with multi-factor authentication. Encryption of data during transmission and storage to protect sensitive payroll information.

streamlined self-service for employees

Give your staff normal paperwork duties to complete to cut down on data input and payroll expenses. Through the client portal, staff members can take independent actions.

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