CRM Features


CRM means customer relationship management features to help businesses manage interactions with their customers effectively. It includes contact management, lead management, email integration, and customer support.

Contact managementy

It includes managing the customer's contact details, address, account details, email, and password. It provides communication between the customer and seller, including the creation, editing, and deletion of contact details.

Customer database

This software has customer information, including name, phone number, contact details, address, and email address. It has the ability to organise and categorise customers based on different criteria, such as industry, location, purchasing history, and sales pipeline stage.


Lead management

A business cannot lead without lead management. Similar to lead scoring, it increases your sales team's productivity and efficiency by assisting them in concentrating on the appropriate leads at the appropriate times.

Email integration

This helps to contact the customer using the official email on our website. The best way to interact with the customer is to optimise and get to know the queries that are handled by the customer. Email tracking and analytics to monitor email opens, clicks, and responses for better engagement tracking.

Customer support

To integrate with customer support channels such as email, phone, chat, and social media for customer support. We also have a customer care team that takes the lead, helps get the queries directly, and solves them immediately.

CRM features that are mainly proposed to help the customer get their details quicker and faster with our contact details.

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