Frequently Asked Questions refers to a list of common questions and answers on that particular website for the user to get an easy answer without the help of customer care. FAQs are provided on the entire website, either user-manually or on the support page, which helps to provide the answer quickly for the customer. If you have any doubts regarding delivery dates, order returns,or if you want to track the order, our Laabamone help center will help you get an answer quicker.

Frequently asked questions

You can order on our website if you have an account, or else you have to create an account by clicking on the creating account page. After you create an account, you have the choice to buy the product.

You cannot change the order after placing the order. Once you cancel the order, it will be possible to change it.

We only provide mail delivery.

You can cancel the order using our website.

We only have software for accounting, jewellery, corporate management,footwear management,quality control,textiles, bakery,college management, and grocery.

Yes,the security and privacy of our users are important to us, and it was fully secure.

Our refund policy varies depending on the software vendor and the product.

You can reach us via email or phone, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Yes, we provide bulk purchases for businesses or organisations.

No, we cannot have that option. We have only a mail delivery option.

Yes, but we charge extra.
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