Knowledge Base


Laabamone knowledge base helps to get customer queries within the second; without knowledge base, we would not be able to get every single customer query. It helps to break the communication barrier and increase customer satisfaction.

We provide the account management, terms and conditions, contact information,privacy policy,email support, live chat, etc.

It helps our customers get their best answer and reach us

Live chat

You can ask your queries and doubts; our AI tool will give you a perfect answer,and it is an easier way to learn about our website. When you need a quick answer to your doubts, it is the best way to innovate and get indirect communication with the customer.

Account management

It helps the seller build a long-term relationship with the customer. For account management, first you want to create an account on our website by using your mobile number and username and password. It helps us to manage your account. Once you create, we provide the end-to-end service; without your mobile number and password, we are not allowed anyone to login.

Email support

We provide email support for the customers to get their queries, what we want to improve from our side, and what the feedback is about our service. Our team analyses and gives a solution to their queries. We have an official mail address you can easily mail us, and our team will quickly reply to your doubts.

Customer care support

We have customer care support. We provide contact details, and you also contact us and get the details and queries our team gives you as soon as we reply.

Wish list shopping card

We listed our product on the home page,and we also provided the product price and description on the main page. You can easily list the product and check the price for the product that you want. It saves you time from searching and helps you get an attractive product with an attractive description.

Customer care support

We have an easy return facility if you have any default product that is damaged; otherwise, you don't need that; you can easily cancel and return the product with the help of our website.

Related product showcase

We can showcase the product that you want to list, mostly by searching on our website. It helps you find the product easier and quicker. It is one of the easier ways to buy the product and attract the customer to get in touch with us.

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